General Club Information

Announcing the Membership Packet for 2017.


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WeekendTournament Entry Procedures

Weekend Tournaments

  • The deadline for signing up is 7:00 pm the Tuesday before. (Any player wishing to sign up for a tournament after the deadline must contact the weekend tournament chairman.  Eric Hermanson. The Pro-shop CANNOT enter you into a tournament after the deadline.)
  • You must pay your green fees at sign up for the weekend tournaments.
  • You may call the Pro Shop (303-739-6854) to sign up if you want to charge your green fees on Visa or Mastercard. Again, the deadline is the Tuesday before the tournament.
  •  You must call to cancel your tee time 24 hours prior to the day of play. Paid green fees will not be refunded if you fail to do so.


No-shows cause us trouble. If you cannot play a tournament that you have signed up for, you must call the Pro Shop so the pairings can be adjusted. Please show consideration for your fellow partners (especially in team events). No green fee refunds will be given for no-shows (without timely cancellation).

Tuesday Night Tournaments

The dates are every Tuesday night from April 1st through September 30, 2014 (see Tuesday night schedule).  Tee times begin at 3:00pm.  Green fees plus a $3.00 entry fee is required.  Entry fee must be paid or member cannot play. Upon completion of your round, please complete the following on the score card:

  • First and last names of all players in your group
  • Dated, signed and attested
  • Write gross scores only on score card. Adjustments to scores because of tournament format will be made by the Tuesday Night Chairman.
  • Drop completed score cards into the mailbox in front of the Pro Shop

Failure to comply with these instructions may result in disqualification of prize money.

Tournament Rules

All USGA/CGA rules are in effect at all times.  Members are expected to know the rules and abide by them.  Rule books are available in the Pro Shop.  If a rules infraction occurs, diplomatically consult the members of your group or the Rules of Golf booklet to arrive at a proper conclusion. If this cannot be achieved, play a provisional ball, and Do Not have the Score Card signed, until a ruling can be made.  See a golf professional in the pro shop.


All members must have an official handicap to play in the first weekend tournament. New members need (10), 18 hole scores, which do not have to be Springhill scores (any course) to establish a C.G.A. handicap. The ten scores can be entered on the membership application or you can accumulate all ten score cards and turn them into Larry Sellers or Dick Dierker who will establish your C.G.A. handicap for you. Do not place them in the mailbox.  The Tournament Handicap Review Committee will be Larry Sellers and Steve Talbott. They will review handicaps and adjust as deemed necessary.  Please call the president or tournament chairmen with questions.

Pace of Play

Please be prepared to play “ready golf to the green. Whoever is ready,  hits first; regardless of whom is away. Once on the green you can use normal golf etiquette. Pace of play must be a high priority for all of us. KEEP PACE WITH THE GROUP IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hole-in-one pot

Membership fee includes hole-in-one pot money ($5.00) for the entire golf season.   If a player should make an Ace on any “Official” Tuesday night or  weekend tournament they must notify a board member or the pro shop for recording purposes. The hole-in-one pot money will be equally paid out to each member who got a hole-in-one during the golf season. Cash prizes will be paid (via mail) after the last Tuesday night tournament (September 30, 2014).

Long-Drive Contest

Entry fee is $1.00 for each weekend tournament, payable on the day of play when you check in.  For each weekend tournament there will be (3) Long-Drive contests: Alternating between Hole #4 and #5.

  • Regular Tour players  — 0 to 12 handicap
  • Regular Tour players  — 13 to 19 handicap
  • Regular Tour players  — 20 and higher handicap

Prize Money

Prize money may be used in ANY of six Aurora Golf Course Pro Shops to purchase Merchandise ONLY.

Local rules

  • Balls lost in long grass (native grass) must be played under “Lost Ball” Rule 27-1, suggest hitting a “Provisional Ball” Rule 27-2 before you look for your lost ball.
  • Flower boxes throughout the course and newly planted trees, supported by stakes, wire, or having soil piled up for water retention will be treated as “Immovable Obstructions” Rule 24-2B.  All sprinkler boxes will also fall under this rule.
  • “Embedded Ball” Rule 25-2 will be in effect “through the green”.
  • Aeration holes, areas covered with gravel for drainage purposes throughout the course are considered “ground under repair” Rule 25.
  • All Weekend Tournaments, first place ties will be decided by a scorecard playoff. (Back 9, last 6 holes, last 3 holes). With exception of the Club Championship which will be a sudden death playoff.

Club Championship

  • To be eligible to win the club championship tournament you must participate in at least three (3) weekend tournaments during the season.
  • The player that shoots low gross both days (total score) wins the championship tournament regardless of flight.


“Please observe golf etiquette and rules”