2016 Club Information

The rain date for the May 1st, Tournament will be September 11, 2016 – The format will be 4 Person Best ball.

Membership Packet 2016*

Springhill Club Application 2016 (PDF that can be filled in and printed before mailing)

All Membership Meeting is March 22, 2016. The meeting will be at 7 PM and held in the Aspen Room of Beck Recreational Center. All members and interested are invited to attend. Any current member who recruits a new member for 2016 (not in the Club in 2015) will receive a check for $20 – no limit to the new members or $20 payments you can get.  See application for details.


Tournament Procedures – Click here

*Two important changes from the Packet Above.

  1. First Tournament will be April 9, 2016 NOT April 2, 2016

  2. Rain Date is September 11, 2016 NOT August 29, 2016

Pace of play: Pace of play is an important part of making the game enjoyable for everyone. This will be a focus for the Board for 2016. To assist the membership, you can find a great USGA article on improving page of play.- Click here – My favorite tip that is not on the list that I have to remember is don’t play a ball you can’t afford to lose!