2015 Membership Packet and Application

Welcome to the 2015 season. We have some new and exciting things planned for this year as well as a continuation of our “Bring in a new member” program. Hear about everything at the full club meeting March 11, 2015 at 7 PM in the Aspen Room in the Beck Recreation Center. See you there.

2015 Membership Application

2015 Membership Packet

Members or Businesses: If you would like to donate door prizes for the general memebership meeting please contact Larry Sellers at larryjls@aol.com or click here.

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Match Play Tournament

Springhill Match Play Tournament

A match play tournament has been added to this year’s activities.  The matches should be played independently of our club’s stroke play events, and it will be the responsibility of each participant to arrange the matches, and assure they are completed and the results reported, within the deadlines provided below.  There is no entry fee for participating in the match play tournament, nor will any prize money be awarded.  A trophy will be awarded to the eventual champion, and a plaque with his/her name will be added to the clubhouse wall.  Entries will be limited to the first 32 people who sign up.

All matches are handicapped using the course handicap on the day of the matches.  Course handicaps are available in the clubhouse.  The difference in the two competitors’ course handicaps on the day of the match should be used to determine on what holes the higher handicap player receives strokes. Example 1:  Player A has course handicap of 18, Player B has a course handicap of 9.  Since the difference is 9, Player A would receive strokes on handicapped holes 1 through 9, as designated on the scorecard.  Example 2:  Player A has a handicap of 24; Player B has a handicap of 3.  Since the difference is 21, Player A would receive a stroke on all 18 holes, plus a second stroke on handicapped holes 1 through 3.  Additional examples, plus the USGA’s philosophy in applying handicaps in this manner are provided in this link.  http://golf.about.com/cs/handicapping/a/matchplaystroke.htm

Men participants will play the matches from the white tees, women from the blue/flex tees.

The deadline for entering the tournament will be April 12.  This date will provide tournament administrators sufficient time to populate and publish the brackets prior to the May 3 tournament kick-off date. No late entries can be accepted once the brackets are established.
In order to keep the tournament moving forward, it is critical for matches to be completed, and the results reported, within the deadlines provided, earlier is better!.  The league president will have the discretion and duty to disqualify one or both competitors if a deadline is not met.
The clock for the tournament begins ticking on May 3.  Three weeks are allotted for the completion of each round.  Round one matches must be played and the results  reported by May 24.  Round two, June 14.  Round three, July 5.  Round four, July 26 and round five, August 16.

If a match ends in a tie, we will use the USGA-recommended tiebreaking procedure of awarding the victory to the first player to win a hole in the match.  Please note that it doesn’t matter if the course is set up to begin play on the front or back nine, the first player to win a hole owns the tiebreaker, regardless of what hole number it is.

Contact information
All participants are asked to provide a phone number and email address upon entering the tournament.  You can obtain contact information for your next opponent through the “Match Play Participants” link.

Tournament brackets
Tournament brackets will be randomly populated and available on our web site by the May 3 kick-off date.  Two brackets of 16 entrants will be provided, and the winners of the two brackets will play for the championship.

Signing up and reporting match results
Please sign up by clicking by completing the form below. The results will be returned using a similar form after the tournament begins.

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Welcome to the Springhill Golf Club

Welcome to the New Springhill Golf Club Web Site

The club is made up of men and women who enjoy the game of golf. We play on Tuesday evenings from spring to fall and we also play weekend tournaments. Welcome to the new page, we will be creating this page and expanding it over the course of the next few weeks. Please have patience and we hope to bring you an even easier experience for your golfing pleasure.

The Springhill Golf Club Board of Directors

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